The Association of Emigrants of Apsiou was established on Easter Monday of 1986. Several emigrants and permanent inhabitants of the community attended its inaugural assembly. Today it has 60 active members, working for the achievement of the association’s goals. The Emigrants’ Association of Apsiou is a member of the Emigrants’ Federation of the Limassol District.

The goals of the Association are:
1. The tightening of the emigrants’ bonds with the community.
2. The revival of old customs and the preservation of the community’s cultural identity.
3. The carrying-out of social and developmental projects.
4. The beautification and progress of the village.
5. The increase and protection of flora.

The association played a leading part in the revival of the custom of the Cross’s Immersion in the river during Epiphany day. This custom continues until today.
Among the many cultural events that the Association organises are the setting up of the Carnival Ball, the participation in organising the Summer Ball, which takes place in the village, by the association’s cultural department in collaboration with the youth of the village, theatrical performances and balls.

In the context of the Association’s efforts for beautification of the community, the streets at the entrance of and inside the village were planted with trees, dustbins and benches were placed in various parts of the community.

However, the greatest project that the Association has carried out is its participation in the creation of the Sanitary and Cultural centre of the community. What must be noted is the excellent and close collaboration of the Association with the Community Council of the village as well as with other community organisations/factors.

Today’s Administrational Council of the Association is consisted of:
Committee 2007 – 2009

• Phivos Ioannides (President) tel. 99473029
• Andreas Koronides (Vice-President) tel. 99492142
• Michalis Theodosiou (Secretary) tel. 99420614
• Costas Ioannides (Cashier) tel.99672992
• Panicos Constantinou (Member) tel.99603317
• Vasos Vasileiou (Member) tel. 99434226
• Marios Polycarpou (Member) tel. 99915124
• Costas Pararis (Member) tel. 99649331
• Naso Evagorou (Member) tel. 25735487
• Mamas Pateras (Member) tel. 99692702

For any information you can call to the above phones or to the 25305660 Fax.