The Community Council, responding to the modern needs of today and in the context of its efforts to improve the way of living for the village’s inhabitants, has already completed several infrastructure projects and is programming the onset of new ones.

The projects completed are:

  • A service for the collection of garbage and their transfer to a government-approved dump was created.
  • Transfer of water to the community from Agia Paraskevi and change of the entire water-supply system.
  • Asphalt paving of all the streets.
  • Creation of a community playground.
  • Expansion of residential structures.
  • Step-up of the primary school for its conversion to a permanent regional school.
  • TV broadcasting for the coverage of the entire community.
  • Maintenance of the teacher’s residence.
  • Operation of the multi-purpose cultural centre that includes a medical office, the offices of the Community Council, and a large hall for cultural events.
  • Beautification of the Chrysogalousa church with placement of flagstones, walls, and a fountain.
  • Creation of a large community park north of the community’s built-up area and other facilities.
  • Monuments for the people of the community that gave their lives for the freedom of Cyprus.
  • Continuation of our effort, which started three years ago along with the district’s administration, for the preservation, renovation or demolition of the old buildings of the community